Pharmaceutical & Healthcare
Franchise Opportunity

Click Video to get a Quick Overview of the Galt Phranchise Systems Opportunity.

Welcome to the World of Pharma Franchising!


We are thrilled to present Galt Phranchise (Pharma + Franchise) Systems, the first-of-its-kind pharmaceutical franchise company that is transforming the way Pharmacists, Healthcare Sales Professionals and Entrepreneurs can successfully participate in the business of pharmaceuticals.

With a unique and innovative approach, a Galt Phranchise combines the power of proven prescription brand medications and a unique franchise business model.  Franchisees earn un-capped revenues by generating prescriptions for patients within their territory zip-codes.  With an experienced leadership team, prescription products offering clinical advantages to patients and multiple prescription generation channels, this is an unparalleled opportunity for growth and success.

Click Video to get a Quick Overview of the Galt Phranchise Systems Opportunity.

A Galt Phranchise Systems (GPS), is a great fit for 3 ideal candidate types:

  • Independent Community Pharmacists that are sick and tired of the bureaucracies and challenges faced in today’s retail pharmacy market. Galt offers an opportunity for pharmacists to expand or diversify their current business, allowing them to leverage  their healthcare relationships and patient care clinical skills to build a successful business that actually rewards them for their efforts.
  • Healthcare Sales Professionals that are sick and tired of working for big conglomerates that don’t value their sales skills by capping their revenue potential every time they exceed sales goals. At GPS we arm our Phranchisees with every tool necessary to generate higher revenue for a territory that they actually own and build equity allowing them to sell their business at higher value in the future.
  • Entrepreneurs with the desire to enter the world of pharmaceuticals and leverage their business acumen with their healthcare relationships to build a unique business they can manage using sales and marketing professionals. At GPS we are all about progressing entrepreneurship because we believe entrepreneurs disrupt industries.  The Pharmaceutical industry is ripe for disruption and we invite like-minded entrepreneurs to join our journey.

Join us on this groundbreaking voyage as we disrupt the traditional pharmaceutical industry and create your own franchised business that puts the patient and provider at the center of healthcare so that we can work together to improve health outcomes.