Why a Galt Phranchise™

First Of A Kind Opportunity

Galt Phranchise™ Systems (GPS) is a one-of-a-kind franchise concept and the first and only franchisor that enables an entrepreneur or business entity to market and promote pharmaceutical and health-related products in their local markets.  As the fastest growing national pharmaceutical franchise system, we understand the significance in identifying and qualifying ideal candidates to promote our pharmaceutical and health-related products through:

  • Education of healthcare prescribers and medical office staff
  • Marketing direct-to-consumer activities at health fairs and athletic events
  • Partnerships with healthcare professionals and local independent pharmacies

GPS is a divergent thinking culture.  We coined and trademarked the term Phranchise™️ and Phranchisee™️ for the Galt Owners to have a sense of being connected to something bigger in order to make a significant impact in their territories.

GPS is a pharma industry disruptor.  Phranchise™️ Owners receive the rights to market Galt FDA approved products in their territories while allowing them to earn a generous revenue- share based on their sales, marketing, education and work ethic.

What sets GPS apart is our commitment to collaboration, innovation, and patient centricity. We provide our franchisees with a business framework, cutting-edge patient solutions, and access to a wide variety of training and resources to achieve success. These tools enable our franchisees to enhance patient care, optimize profitability and stay ahead of the game in an ever changing and increasingly challenging industry.

Our team is passionate about delivering exceptional pharmaceutical treatments through people who live in and care for the communities they serve.


GPS has a wide range of strategic partners.  With over fifty franchisee territories in 14 states, we are able to draw resources within a network of partnerships which collectively provide the unique value proposition of GPS. Pharmaceutical manufacturers, distributors, telehealth providers, patient experience advocates and consumer marketers each offer tactics franchise owners often choose to utilize to support the growth of their business.

Some of our partnerships include:

Galt Pharmaceuticals commercializes branded pharmaceuticals. The branded products Galt promotes are unique in their class and are as relevant today as they were when first introduced. In some cases, older products are even more relevant – and these are the ones Galt chooses to further develop.

Atland Pharmaceuticals commercializes generic pharmaceuticals. Over ninety percent of the prescriptions in the US are written for generics. Generics are the same compounds/ingredients as branded products but are significantly less expensive because they are not protected by patents.

Safer Pain Management provides advocacy for patients in procuring treatment for mild-to-moderate skeletal muscle pain. Working with patients and provider offices, SPM navigates the mazes patient’s enter when their drug insurance challenges the prescription provided by their doctor.

Complete Night Sleep provides advocacy for patients in procuring treatment for insomnia. Working with patients and provider offices, CNS navigates the mazes patient’s enter when their drug insurance challenges the prescription provided by their doctor.

Galt Direct distributes products directly to pharmacies, passing the savings which would otherwise be lost to pharmacies buying through large wholesalers. Franchisees may create synergies with local independent pharmacies through this direct fulfillment, creating significant margins for a pharmacy and encouraging their work in growing your business.

Some of strategic alliances include:


Galt Franchisees are able to promote and distribute unique health products and services within their franchised territories. Promoted products are approved by the U.S. FDA and are proven to make positive contributions to the lives of patients, caregivers and the health professional which provide care to them. Promoted services provide opportunities for consumers to access health care in non-traditional ways.



At GPS, we believe that a thorough training program is a key component to the success of our franchisees. We provide our franchisees with training and tools needed to succeed in generating pharmaceutical prescriptions for patients that need them.  We have a dedicated team with expertise in sales, marketing, analytics, operations, medical affairs and pharmacy relations ready and available to support franchisees in their journey. It is our number one goal to provide support and services with the highest level of honesty, integrity, and professionalism.

GPS takes the franchisee partnership very seriously. From our growing product pipeline, proprietary sales process, branding campaigns, and customizable marketing tools, our commitment to support our franchisees is second to none.  As a franchisee, you will have access to our online portal for all your operational, training, and support needs. Our comprehensive 10-phase training engagement process includes:


  1. Pre-Training Assessment
  2. Online Learning Management System
  3. Virtual Team Building
  4. Live Training Sessions
  5. Certification Testing
  6. Field Sales Training
  7. Business Development Assistance
  8. Monthly Collaboration Sessions
  9. Quarterly Goals Review
  10. Annual Goals Review

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