About Us


In the 1957 novel Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand, the inspirational John Galt believes that an individual with a strong will and work ethic can break down manmade barriers, achieve anything they desire and be rewarded accordingly for their efforts.  Galt Phranchise Systems was built on those same core values of a strong will and work ethic to break down and disrupt the traditional pharmaceutical model and be rewarded according to effort.

In 2018 Galt Phranchise Systems was built to reward like-minded entrepreneurs through a structured franchise system that is built on a proprietary sales process that generate pharmaceutical prescriptions in their local community.  Galt provides exclusive marketing rights to pharmaceutical products in large therapeutic categories that have significant unmet needs.  By generating prescriptions that benefit patients and assuring they get their medication regardless of ability to pay, franchisees are ultimately improving the lives of  patients in their community through their efforts.


Before building Galt Phranchise™ Systems (GPS) into one of the most unique healthcare franchise opportunities, co-founders Wade Smith and Barry Patel began as pharmacists with career experiences in the pharmaceutical and health outcomes improvement industries, respectively. Their collective experiences combined with a frustration in the way the pharmaceutical industry had become less patient centric and more bureaucratic led to their desire to find a better way to provide pharmaceutical care.

They believe that by eliminating the capital requirements, practice legacies and regulatory barriers to owning a pharmaceutical product, they open multiple paths to create revenues beyond “the way it’s always been done”. They built Galt Phranchise™ Systems to provide a healthcare business opportunity – without rent or inventory – designed for many different types of entrepreneurs that simply have passion for helping people improve their quality of life. They have created an opportunity for individuals to operate a compliant community-based health enterprise; by removing the high barriers to entry of the pharmaceutical business.


Dr. Wade Smith

Wade has over three decades of healthcare experience. Wade is well-versed in clinical pharmacy, the pharmaceutical industry as well as managed care/health insurance markets, benefit design, and administration. He has held clinical, marketing, and management positions with increasing responsibilities at mid-sized and large pharmaceutical companies before founding and divesting a small pharmaceutical company that commercialized OTC topical products. His experience outside pharmaceuticals includes a senior position at a national PBM where he established clinical services and directed contracting initiatives, as well as clinical and administrative positions at Heritage National Healthplan, John Deere Healthcare (now part of United Health Care) and National Psychopharmacology Laboratories.

Wade earned his Doctorate in Pharmacy from Mercer University, Atlanta, a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) from Vanderbilt University, and Doctorate (PhD) in Cybernetic Epistemology.

Barry Patel

Barry has over three decades of healthcare industry experience and always strives to bring innovative solutions to the various challenges faced by healthcare organizations and their providers. With a vast understanding of the pharmaceutical, managed care, research, and quality improvement industries, Barry has been able to build and support companies that provide unique timely services that ultimately lead to improved patient outcomes and the efficient use of healthcare resources. He spent time early in his career in the pharmaceutical industry doing clinical research at Warner Lambert.

In 1995, Barry left Merck to co-found Total Therapeutic Management (TTM), a unique physician focused quality improvement and education outreach company that serviced the healthcare industry’s needs for data driven solutions. Under his leadership, TTM was recognized as a leader in the healthcare industry providing a unique way of improving quality through abstraction, analysis, and dissemination of vital medical record-based health information. In 2014, TTM was successfully acquired by Indegene, a leading global provider of solutions to pharmaceutical and healthcare organizations. After the acquisition, Barry provided leadership and strategic and corporate development support to Indegene’s various healthcare and outcomes business units.

Barry completed his undergraduate work at the University of Georgia and earned his Doctorate in Pharmacy from Mercer University, Atlanta, and is currently an adjunct professor in the Department of Pharmacy Practice at Mercer.

Kevin Vora
Director of Business Development – Franchise Sales

Kevin S. Vora is our Director of Business Development – Franchise Sales, and he has held that title in Atlanta, Georgia; Marietta, Georgia; and Hillsborough, New Jersey, since February 2018. He was the Product Manager for Leo Pharmaceuticals in Madison, New Jersey, from August 2016 to December 2017, and for Akrimax Pharmaceuticals in Cranford, New Jersey, from May 2012 to February 2016.