Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does my initial investment buy me?
A Galt Phranchisee™ receives the following:
    1. Exclusive distribution of Galt Pharmaceuticals’ FDA-approved prescription product portfolio
    2. Complete regulatory, pharmacovigilance support to assure applicable state and federal laws are met and compliant to FDA rules and regulations are maintained
    3. Access to approved marketing materials and promotional support services
    4. Insurance Approval Support for Galt Products
    5. Comprehensive training, coaching, and mentoring to ensure success with promotions
    6. Sales representative mobilization and optimization plans based on targeting data
    7. Medical information and Medical Affairs field support
    8. Access to a pipeline of future Galt products in development
2. How long is the Galt Phranchise Agreement?

Galt provides Phranchisees exclusive distribution rights for 10 years.

3. Are there any hidden or annual costs?

No, the Galt Phranchise fee is a one-time payment, and we do not require any annual renewal fee or new product fee; however, there is a very small technology fee pass through cost.

4. What are your royalty fees?

6% of Total Sales Margin.

5. Do I get the future products included? Do I have to pay more fees to sell new products?

Galt does not charge any new product entry fee. Every current product and any new products in the future will get added to your existing product portfolio for no extra charge.

6. Does Galt provide Phranchise fee financing?

Yes, Galt provides up to 50% financing at prime +2% for 4 years.

7. How soon can I get started?

Usually, the whole process can take up to 30 – 45 days from initial introduction to signing the Franchise Agreement. Click here to review Franchise Process (The 8 steps to Becoming a Phranchisee).

8. What is the size of my territory, and is it exclusive?

Each Phranchise territory is exclusive to the owner and carved out based on patient population, demographics, prescriber count, and prescription volume for Galt Products.

9. What is the Franchise fee, and what are the financial requirements?

The Franchise Fee is $200,000 per territory, and the total investment range can be $219,950-$242,700 without any financing.

10. When did the first franchise start?

Galt Phranchise Systems started the franchise model in 2018, and that is also when the first franchise started.

11. Is it possible to speak to a current phranchisee?

Once you have been qualified as a candidate and want to move forward with a territory, you will be able to speak to other phranchisees as part of your due diligence.