So I am sure everyone knows #TedLasso. A very popular Apple TV show that seems to be more than just a TV show, as it teaches a lot of valuable lessons on various aspects of our personal and professional lives. Here is what I have learned from the show:

  1. Authentic #Leadership: Ted leads with #authenticity, always displaying his true self and his values. Ted encourages everyone around him to do the same by creating a positive, welcoming and safe environment to express their thoughts and opinions.
  2. Building a Strong #Team: As the saying goes “#Teamwork makes the Dreamwork”, Ted #believes in the power of teamwork and instills the significance of developing a strong, cohesive and supportive team. Ted values everyone’s thoughts, their strengths and weaknesses and builds a culture of true #collaboration by developing trust among every team member. This helps us understand why teams are important and how a strong team can lead to huge #success.
  3. Emotional Intelligence: I believe #Emotionalintelligence was truly on display with Ted Lasso. Ted highlighted the importance of it by understanding everyone’s emotions and empathizing with them, even when it would hurt him (You know when Rebecca told him the true reason she hired him and Ted said “I forgive you”). That teaches us how we can resolve conflicts with understanding each other and with compassion. Ted took the time to listen, reflect and understand which helped him to build strong relationships in a very new and hostile (somewhat) environment.
  4. Positivity and Kindness: At the core of the show is Ted Lasso’s contagious #positivity and #kindness. Ted’s untiring attitude and desire towards resolving every situation with a smile on his face and a true desire to elevate everyone around him even during difficult times, surely will teach you the power of staying positive and kind towards everyone.
  5. Grit: Talk about facing the biggest challenge in your life. Ted goes to a foreign country to teach a sport he has no idea about, with every fan and people within his club hating him from day 1. What does Ted do? Ted maintains his #Grit with a positive attitude towards succeeding and wining every single one of them by embracing each obstacle and opportunity and not letting failure distract him from the goal. As Pep Guardiola (Head Coach – Man City) said to Ted when he defeated the reigning champions “Don’t worry about wins or losses, just help your team become the best version of themselves on and off the field”. (Off course that’s Ted’s line).
  6. Personal Growth: With every single one of the characters in the show, through the 3rd season, you will see weather it is Ted Lasso, Kent, Jamie, Nathan, Rebecca or Keeley every one of these character showed #personalgrowth. Whether it was letting go of your ego (Jamie), moving on from your past (Rebecca), opening up to people (Kent) or realizing and admitting what you lost (Nathan), it teaches us that it is never the importance of personal growth it teaches us that personal growth is an unending process which we should all embrace to evolve as an individuals.

So approach life with positivity and kindness, don’t be afraid to show your true values, your authentic self because at the end of the day there is only one YOU. So I will end the article with just one word, because at the end that’s the beginning of everything – #BELIEVE!



Kevin Vora, RPh., MBA
Kevin Vora
Marketing & Business Development at Galt Pharmaceuticals